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“Charlyne” in ancient German represents “Free Spirit,” “Free Thinker,” or “Free Woman”— the core values we build Charlywood on. Embracing talents across the board, from on-screen to off-, in front of the camera to behind the scenes. Cultivating creatively and pragmatically, with a free spirit unrestricted by the boundaries of ethnicity, culture and gender.

Our Awesome Team

Charlyne Tsou

Co-founder & President

A veteran entertainment journalist/producer, Charlyne has had her finger on the pulse of the industry for two decades. With years of experience interviewing A-listers: Ang Lee, Vin Diesel, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron, among others, her newsroom expertise across the U.S. and Taiwan, coupled with her knowledge as International Program Manager at the New York Film Academy, Charlyne brings her unique perspectives and professionalism to the table.

Ryan Huang

Co-founder & VP

A UCLA alumnus in film producing and co-founder of The Path Entertainment, Ryan has gained first-hand knowledge and experience (including development, production, talent management and casting) working at multiple indie film companies that have worked with Parker Posey, Mira Sorvino, Lucy Liu, Jacki Weaver, Harry Hamlin, etc. Now he partners with Charlyne in creating more opportunities and broadening horizons for actors.

Maggie Lin

Director, Creative Directing & Production Service

After finishing her bachelor’s degree in animation, Maggie went on to earn a Master of Arts degree in directing at New York Film Academy, where she developed solid skills as a line producer and worked with named talents, such as Roxanne Hart and Liana Ramirez. She now has a dozen films, feature and short, along with TV and commercial films under her belt, and counting.

Nicole Fahel

Director, Development & Production

Nicole was an established actress and producer before she moved from Brazil to L.A. in 2015. Over the years since she landed in the tinsel town, she’s added production manager to her list of skills. Currently, Nicole has produced 30 films and TV series, while keeping up her acting chops in more than a dozen films, and worked with named talents such as Tristin Mays, Robert Ri’chard, Lamorne Morris, Jaleel White, etc.

Emmet Dwyer

Manager, Production Department

Transplanted from Ireland, Emmet is a Film & Media Production MFA graduate from NYFA who has outstanding organizational skills and professional experience in film and music video production with multiple award-winning producers and directors and celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, Eric Roberts and Bai Ling.

Brian Stamper

Manager, Creative Department

From DC, NYC to Nashville, from writing to filmmaking, Brian has experienced many aspects of the creative business and industry. To pursue his dream to be a director and producer, he constantly works on set to help himself become an even better filmmaker after receiving his MFA from LIU Brooklyn.

Brooke Harrington

Assistant Manager, Talent Management

A South Carolina native and University of South Carolina alumni with a Sport and Entertainment Management degree. Brooke has a true passion for the representation and management field and wants to help talented athletes and artists show what they can do to the world in both the sport and entertainment fields.

Rania Sulfa

Assistant Manager, Production

As an Indonesian producer, Rania has achieved much at a young age. Studying at NYFA helps her experience in all types of projects such as scripted films, web series, documentaries, etc., and more than a dozen projects produced under her name. With a majority of her work being brought to festivals, she can’t wait to dedicate herself to the industry.

Alex Park

Visual Design Artist

Originally from Washington State, Alex is a graphic designer and creative writer. He has worked on graphic design, such as logos, business cards, posters, storyboards, and so on, for years as a freelancer. He currently studies Visual and Literary Arts at Brown University and hopes to put his creative skills to work in the film industry.

Doreen Tang

Marketing Specialist

Born in Taiwan and immigrated to California in 5th grade, Doreen is always enthusiastic and hopes to contribute to a team across cultures by being bilingual in Mandarin and English. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Cal State Fullerton and looking forward to applying her strong interpersonal skills in the marketing field.

Jacob Brokhoff

Post-production Specialist

As a post-production professional based in North Carolina, Jacob always looks for exciting new opportunities that can force him to think outside the box and help others with his creative mind. He has worked on various aspects and projects, such as commercials, short films, and many others, and constantly seeks new sources of inspiration.


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A sibling company that focuses on facilitating exchanges of resources and co-production between Taiwan and Hollywood.


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A sibling production house founded by Nicole Fahel, focusing on creating content crossing North and Latin America.


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